presents the individual and collaborative music of Seattle lyricist Richard Ian Greene and composer-singer-songwriter Lawrence William Greene. supports musicians and organizations that are actively engaged in voicing against wars now raging in our world.
Neil Young features Ask My Son
on Living With War Today website.
August 2009
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Ask My Son

Performed by Lawrence William Greene

Written by Cooper Edens, Lawrence William Greene & Richard Ian Greene

Song Info: Ask My Son offers a view of America's heartbreak in the shadow of war. The true toll created by the unconscionable wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and now by our ubiquitous and consequential use of drones. What is the real cost of war for all of us, at home and on the battlefield? Is it worth our sons and daughters paying the ultimate price? Ask My Son offers these questions and more.

A Peaceful Solution

Performed by Lawrence William Greene

Written by Willie Nelson, Amy Nelson, Lawrence William Greene and Richard Ian Greene

Song Info:Today America is in need of a revolution in its political leadership. As history has shown us, positive changes can come from the peaceful expression of new ideas.

Willie Nelson and his daughter, Amy, have challenged the world's music community to express itself to help inspire a "peaceful revolution" in America. The intent is to help restore this nation's position of respect and goodwill. Richard and I thank Willie, Amy and everyone at The Willie Nelson Institute for Peace for the opportunity to contribute to this great cause.

The Next Country Over

Performed by Matthew Andrae

Written by Matthew Andrae and Richard Ian Greene

Song Info: The Next Country Over promotes peace through compassion and addresses the futility of war.

The Next Country Over was the finale song for the 18th Annual World's Largest Concert (WLC). Presented by the National Association for Music Education (MENC) from the Mormon Tabernacle, Salt Lake City-Winter Olympics 2002. "It's an eight million voice petition for peace from the children of the world," said co-author, Matthew Andrae. The music video features footage from the PBS broadcast.

When Will The Warring Stop?

Performed by Kate Borkowski

Written by Richard Ian Greene and Lawrence William Greene

Song Info: When Will The Warring Stop is a mother's lament over her son's deployment to Iraq. "Where are they taking you my young boy?", his mother asks.

With its style and ardent emotion, this song could have been penned generations earlier. A peace ballad written in folk style tradition reminiscent of 60's anti-war protest songs, When Will The Warring Stop reflects the anguish of all mothers with children "placed" in mortal danger.

Average Coming Home

Performed by Picture Day Picture, Eric Lichter and Jimm McIver

Written by Eric Lichter

Song Info: Average Coming Home captures the personal experience of today's vets returning home from war. It raises the question of where they fit in today's society compared to previous generations. It is also a reflection on how war can't truly serve humanity, and now, more than ever, can't serve the humans that fight them.

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